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    "Rubber technology, businesses new impetus" Date:2011-5-17 00:00:00

    Enhance the corporate image he applicant and show the strength of Adsale Exhibition harvest gift of shares

    Twenty-fourth China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition CHINAPLAS 2010 (commonly known as "Adsale Exhibition) on 19-22 April 2010 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, show unprecedented, merchants gathered, application of shares The show performed well, rewarding.

    First, the history and status of the exhibition

    "CHINAPLAS0Chinaplas" With the growth of China's plastics and rubber industry, 20 years, has become Asia's largest exhibition of the rubber industry, and the development of China's rubber industry had a positive role in promoting. Currently, "CHINAPLAS Chinaplas" not only is Asia's largest plastics and rubber industry exhibition, the industry also recognized its influence after the world's largest rubber show in Germany "K Show" and the second in the U.S. "NPE Show" and became the world's third largest rubber industry exhibition.
    "CHINAPLAS Chinaplas" won the Global Association of Exhibition Industry (UFI) as "UFI Approved Event." Currently, "CHINAPLAS Chinaplas" is the only win of the plastics and rubber industry exhibition to reflect the "CHINAPLAS Chinaplas" in terms of international exhibitors and visitors services, professional level, and systematic project management model respect, both with excellent quality.
    Chinaplas twenty-six years in the plastics industry is committed to provide quality business platform, support, and spare no effort to promote the rubber industry. This session of the event launched a new slogan, "Rubber technology, businesses new impetus" to meet the future development of new ideas. Show innovation, introduced the industry for more than one high-end users and the application of innovative rubber technology, providing innovative strength, and industry to grow.
    Second, the shocking debut of new products

    Share this exhibition launch application of all-electric, servo drive two board machines and two-color three new models, reflects the company

    "High-end, lead, environmental protection," the new concept, fully demonstrated the company's technology strength. Meanwhile, the company focus on brand image, denounced heavily to build 120 square meters large booth, new design, the exquisite atmosphere, full of feeling and super-vision shocking, with many domestic and foreign Competition strong competitors in the same field, clearly showing that application ambition and the strength of the company.

    1, all motor-end appearance. All-electric range (FULL ELECTRIC SERIES) is the world's most advanced injection molding machine products, Japanese products is a world leader, only a handful of domestic manufacturers to master the all-electric technology. Shenda Gong a wholly motor is the leading domestic level, suitable for the production of the product types: thin-walled, precision products (lenses, cell phone case, electrical enclosures, etc.), the machine has a high-speed, high efficiency, precision, energy-saving features. Injection speed 300mm/s-1000mm/s, the leading domestic level. Power than hydraulic injection molding machines with over 60%. At the same time lower the vibration and sound operation, effectively improving the operator's working environment.

    2, servo green. Currently, the market demand ratio of about 20%, while the production capacity of less than 10%, the next 2 to 3 years, the market demand to rise 50%, with a very impressive prospect. In addition, the state encourages enterprises to actively develop energy-saving environmental protection products, the industry as soon as the plastic machinery industry for energy efficiency standards into national standards for advanced energy-saving plastic molding machinery to 10% of sales price subsidies. Companies to seize the opportunity, the timely development of the market. SE Series servo machine is a saving in a synchronous servo motor drives the pump as the hydraulic system of quantitative power source, the use of pressure, speed closed-loop control models, energy-saving effect, high control precision, fast response, high sensitivity, low noise operation. Successful development of this series will have a very considerable economic and social benefits. This product has many technology patents: The level of precision injection molding machine servo support adjustment device (patent pending number: 200920311604.2), multi-system hydraulic servo loop (200920201824.X), injection molding machine servo energy saving double-pump circuit (200920202145.4) and other patents.

    3, injection molding machine widely used for mobile phones. With the rapid development of communication technology, mobile phone technology is moving in two directions: first, diversification of function; the second is the appearance of fine light. Mobile phone shell forming a direct reflection of the precision molding equipment, high standards. China is the world's largest information technology market, but mobile phones more than 90% of the body shell of plastic injection molding machine entirely by foreign production. The market demand and import substitution, the company successfully developed for mobile phones and other small pieces of shell MP series of precision products, precision injection molding machine for mobile phones and realize industrialization, one step ahead of the market for injection molding machine into the phone, get to seize market opportunities. Current mobile phone shell injection molding products and accessories, mainly in material ABS, PMMA, PC, and ABS + PC and other raw materials, plastics products, injection repeatability of up to 3 ‰, the maximum speed response time 0.045S, 0 ~ 14Mpa pressure response time is only 0.04S

    Third, very productive, very bright future.

    Short 4-day exhibition, the company booth customers flocked to popular, as the audience one of the highlights. Inventory show results, sales performance was Haoyuwangnian. According to incomplete statistics, export orders are expected to only 300 million U.S. dollars, India, Australia, customers gain more large orders.

    During the exhibition, the company's customers come come here. Week, the total received to Russia, Iran, India, Israel, Canada and other countries and regions in 12 of 16 batches of customers, the company seize the favorable opportunity, meticulous and thoughtful arrangements, full promotional business products to demonstrate good corporate image, by the better effect, which greatly improved the company's international visibility and reputation. April 22, Mumbai, India 26-member delegation of Chambers of Commerce to the company visits, talks, signing a large order of 50 machines. During the Australian agent in the company, additional 2200T, 1800T two large aircraft orders. Canadian customers highly praise the company two-color machine, a series of additional orders. Show that even a number of phenomena, some domestic small factories are turning to foreign agents, for application of agency intent, reflecting the increased strength of Shenda Gong Division.

    Lin Bo South American group manager at the show only with new customers signed on 2 sets of 160 machines, 3 sets of 130 machines and 1 set 1500T large aircraft orders, and also signed a number of user intent, he was very satisfied with the harvest, count orders on the show, this year's individual performance has reached 500 million, his own goals and tasks for this year full of confidence, and strive for new breakthroughs in the year. Central Asia, Africa Group Xiuying received several groups of managers in Russia, Nigeria and Cameroon and other countries, regional customers, the phenomenon of the financial crisis to pick up quite a feeling, a new development in Nicaragua Nigeria customers more influential commodity markets, market prospects good. Foreign reflect, as long as continue to expand product promotion, and continuously upgrade the core technology, applications of injection molding machines in the international market is bright. (Fu Yongmin)